Saturday, May 1, 2010

Siapakah Gerangannya Nurul Asikin Bt. Muhamad ini..Kesian Dia

Seronok betul. Aku dah lama tak dapat email-email SPAM macam ini. Dulu selalu dapat, tapi guna nama orang Nigeria lah, Sudan, ntah dari negara mana punya sesat email pun ada. Konon nak minta tolong dengan duit. Nak selamatkan whatever lah. Black Money syndicate kut.

Kali ini unik sikit. Sebab ada nama penuh. Nama macam orang Malaysia pula tu. Hehe tak pasti kalau kat Nigeria ke ada nama macam ini. Kepada Nurul Asikin Bt Muhamad or whatever your name is, you can take your Caustic Xylitol Citric piece of s**t and stick it up your a**. Peh macam The Rock pula cakap.. If you smellllllaahhh..what the Rock is cookinggg! Hahahaha

I am Nurul Asikin Bt Muhamad, I work as Assistant Marketing Officer with a Gemstones Processing Company in london I will like to introduce you to this great business opportunity I need your urgent assistance, which will be a benefit to both of us financially. I am contacting you because I don’t want to lose this contract provided by our company because we both going to get a good profit from this business in the coming future. That’s why I’m requesting you to be the supplier to our company so that we can both take advantage of this business opportunity in the company now. Currently our company needs a 3-years constant supplier of a product called CAUSTIC XYLITOL CITRIC which is a new scientific chemical fluid substance, its of lubricant, mainly used in the gemological laboratory for the purification of diamonds clarity treatment, generally what this fluid does is to penetrate deep into diamond and vaporizes out black inclusion in Diamonds and other precious stones such as Tanzanite, Citrine, Pink topaz, Aquamarine. Ruby etc.

The original supplier of these product is in Malaysia and former supplier of this product to our company has finished his contract and our company is looking for any other person who can be able to supply the CAUSTIC XYLITOL CITRIC in large quantity so that to meet the demand of our consumers and merge into partnership with the company presently. The main reason why I’m writing you seeking your interest for assistance, I just want you to act as an intermediary agent to stand the gap between the sellers of the product (in Malaysia)and the buyers (our company).This is a big business, which will be of good dividends to both of us. I only need your cooperation to make this business successful. I will give you more information about this if you are willing to stand as the agent to supply my company the product.

Firstly I will like to secure a supply contract deal for you as a supplier to the company where I work. Based on percentage, originally the actual purchasing price of this chemical by the company per Carton is about USD4,000.00 if i convert it to US dollars while in (malaysia) the local selling price is USD2,100.00 and my company needs not less than 200 Cartons. The reason why I want you to be our agent is to be the link connecting the local seller in Malaysia directly to the buying company then the profit margin will be shared by both of us 50% to you while 50% to me. Your major assistance for me is just for you to talk to my Director that you can supply the company the product and to also go in details in terms of price and mode of payment then we can pick up from that point. Please get back to me as soon as you receive my email if you are interested and willing to do business with me so that I can give you the local seller's number in Malaysia. so that you can call her to ask if she have the amount of cartons of the product in stock to supply you. Before our company sends the purchasing manager down to Malaysia to purchase the product from you directly. Thanks for your co-operation. Waiting to hear from you soon.


p/s : konon-kononnya kalau ada carut-carut sikit, blog jadi femes. Haha. Pigidah!

Hari ini banyak hal pula, tak sempat nak update kut..tangan lenguh pula lepas bowling sampai lebam semalam..

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