Monday, November 30, 2009

Latest Offering from Perodua : ALZA

I visited the nearby Perodua showroom to see the latest addition in their product line-up; the Perodua Alza. Basicly everyone (who surfs the net) knows that Perodua will carry over the model from their major share holder company, Toyota/Daihatsu which is the Toyota Passo Sette. Suprisingly Perodua also wants to have a go at MPV segment right after Proton announced that they are developing their own MPV back in 2007 (if I'm not misaken).

Perodua Alza Front & Rear

Anyway, it was no suprise that the showroom was packed with people interested to see what Perodua will offer in the new model. No suprise on the exterior. Difference between the Toyota Passo Sette and Perodua Alza are the Front and Rear Bumpers, Radiator Grill and the Projector Headlamps. Some says that this Alza look is better that the Passo Sette, but I personally don't agree with that. The Alza's design is so similar to the Myvi (frontal) and Viva (rear). It feels boring to look at the car many times.

compare with Myvi and Viva
I can see a Myvi front with Viva rear in the new Alza

Interior wise, also not much different from Passo Sette. Meter cluster is located at center (which I can't help but feeling awkward - reason for not buying Vios), the gear lever (AT version) is up on the dashboard, while there is a foot brake (AT version) which provide better leg room for the front seats. By the way, the driver seat is extended to the passenger seat, making it a bench like seating. However it's still a two seater while the center portion can be folded as an arm rest. There's audio control on the steering too. Similar to the Proton Exora, bluetooth audio function is available for the premium version.

2nd row seats legroom is OK (similar to Myvi's) but 3rd row seats is a NO for me unless the 2nd row is pushed further front. The entry to 3rd row is quite cramped, not suitable for adults (over 170cm). Luggage space is too damn small. I wonder how Perodua can claim that this is the car for "Balik Kampung", there's no space for luggage! The area depth is just about the same of an A4 paper width, which is just about 30cm.

Colorwise, there's a new color besides 5 other carry over colors from Myvi. The new color is called Classy Purple which we used to see on the Proton Persona. (same as Blueberry Tea). In my opinion, this car looks good in bright colors; which to me the best color is Pearl White. It will give the car bigger look, plus the fact that white color is the trend nowadays.

All in all, my summary of the Perodua Alza:

What I like:
1. A new car, fresh model
2. Compact, easy for city driving
3. Nice headlamp
4. Proven engine from Toyota/Daihatsu
5. Front seat legroom
6. Head unit/Radio design
7. Build quality - inherited from Toyota/Daihatsu DNA

What I don't like:
1. Center position meter cluster
2. No luggage space!
3. No 3rd row aircond
4. Difficult entry to 3rd row

Personally, I'm not into this kind of segment yet, so I have no plans on buying any MPV in the near future. This is just my personal view of the car (as an automotive fan). No hard feelings ya!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh Inspector, I'm very sure he doesn't have any ears!

He doesn't have any ears, his chin's lop-sided, and his haircut bears a passing resemblance to the roof of a thatched cottage. But to police in Bolivia, he's public enemy number one.

The picture, widely described as the world's worst photo-fit, was drawn by a woman who witnessed the violent murder of Rafael Vargas, a taxi driver from the city of Santa Cruz who was stabbed to death before being set on fire in the street last March. After Bolivian TV showed the image, accompanied by dramatic music, the case became a cause célèbre.

Clips of news reports describing crime were uploaded to YouTube, and went viral, sparking comparisons between the suspect and, among other things, a character from the TV series Fraggle Rock.

Police had the last laugh, though. Thanks to enormous public interest in the case, they have arrested two men. Under local laws, the suspects cannot be identified, so TV stations replaced their heads with cartoons of the now-famous photo-fit.

Want to see the how the photo-fit looks like?

HAHAHAHAHAHA! What's with the hair?? Rebonding technique? LOLz. I'm sure the Bolivian Police would have a hard time identifying the suspect! Damn..that is one fine art. Not sure how photo-fit is drawn at the first place..I thought that usually the police will draw according to witness description..or is it the other way around?

Hope the criminal will get caught soon!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Facebook on Gaming Console? WTF!

Previously I've blogged about XBOX intergration with Facebook and Twitter application. Guess what, a day after XBOX live debuts with Facebook intergration, Sony announced that PS3 and Facebook are coming together. Oh my, both game consoles are turning into a "social networking consoles"??? I could care less about these features especially on a hardcore gaming console.

Of course many of us have game console (be it PS3 or XBOX) and yes we also use facebook in our daily lives, but seriously I don't understand why they should combine them. Damn! In the future, I could imagine girls rushing to the TV, turn on the PS3..but LOG INTO FACEBOOK!!! ARGHHHH

Anyways, I've did some study on the evolution of these game console after combining with Facebook Apps.

CASE #1 : When XBOX have Facebook, you would need the qwerty keypad attachment as you need to type more. Which means more investment. (I would rather buy new games..haha)

CASE #2 : When PS3 have Facebook, you would need the qwerty keypad attachment as you need to type more. Which means more investment. (I would rather buy new games..haha) - this is copied from above :P

To cut things short, the XBOX360 and PS3 will eventually transform itself from a gaming console, into a Personal Desktop! Now leave the PS3 for games ONLY!! haha



Monday, November 23, 2009

The Twilight Saga : New Moon; 'A Record Breaking Saga'

Have you watched the latest vampire romance; The Twilight Saga:New Moon?(TS:NM) This highly anticipated latest flick has made into history. It has the third biggest opening weekends in film history. According to BoxOfficeMojo, TS:NM which stars Rob Pattison, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart grossed $140.7 million during its first weekend!! while on its opening on Friday, this movie earned $72.7 million!

This movie also holds the record for most advance ticket sales and almost 80% of them were women! For reference, the record for biggest opening weekend is still held by The Dark Knight(2008), followed by Spider-Man 3(2007). Check out the list for the top 10 biggest opening in history.

  1. The Dark Knight (2008) - $158,411,483
  2. Spider-Man 3 (2007) - $151,116,516
  3. The Twilight Saga : New Moon (2009) - $140,700,000
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest (2006) - $135,634,554
  5. Shrek the Third (2007) - $121,629,270
  6. Spider-Man (2002) - $114,844,116
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End (2007) - $114,732,820
  8. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) - $108,966,307
  9. Star Wars : Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) - $108,435,841
  10. Shrek 2 (2004) - $108,037,878

I haven't get the chance to watch this movie..Ticket is sold out most everytime I went to the cinema. But after reading reviews over the net, I'm not sure if I want to watch this movie. Can anyone tell me a reason why I should watch this movie??

I should have tried my luck in the Nuffnang Premier Screening contest..hehe too little too late :P (or rather let the girls try their luck?)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

EX-G1 - "Rugged" but Stylish Camera!

CASIO is well known for it's Shock Proof Wrist Watch, The G-SHOCK line-ups. CASIO is also among the thinnest compact camera makers with it's EXILIM series. CASIO is merging both and come up with it's latest camera, the EX-G1. It's the thinnest shock resist digital camera in the world. This camera is said to be FREEZEPROOF, WATERPROOF(equivalent to IEC/JIS Protection Class 8 waterproofing; CASIO claimed that the camera can be used for 60 continuous minutes at a water depth of 10 feet) & also DUSTPROOF(equivalent to IEC/JIS Protection Class 6 dustproofing)!

EX-G1 highlights:
  • It's thin profile with just 0.78 inch thick (world thinnest!)
  • 2.5 inch rear LCD (960 x 240 resolution)
  • 12.1 MP sensor
  • This thin stylish model features a large 2.5-inch monitor with 230,400 dots of high resolution and a non-extending 3X zoom lens ranging from 38-114mm (35 mm film camera equivalent).
  • 3x Optical Zoom
  • Intelligent AF
  • When the camera is pointed at a desired shot, the Intelligent AF function automatically detects the photo subject even if it is not a human face and determines the focus and exposure area accordingly.
  • Movie mode (848 x 480)
  • 35.7MB inbuilt memory
  • microSD/SDHC expansion slot

With this rugged digital camera, who knows..even RAMBO could be interested.. :P


Monday, November 16, 2009

Xbox with Twitter, Facebook and more?? *SIGH*

I'm always a fan of XBOX console. I had fun with the 1st edition of XBOX that I bought back in 2003 until it malfunction a fews later. The first game that I played on the XBOX was Project Gotham Racing.

Then came XBOX360. I been planning to buy one, but unable to do so due to financial problem..(hehe)

I read about this from Engadget website. I'm not sure about others, but what do you think when XBOX console is intergrated with Twitter, Facebook & so on? I personally think that a game console should only be a game console. I rather be racing or street fighting on XBOX rather that socializing on Facebook.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tundra Midnight Rider Tailgater

This is a project developed between Toyota with Brooks & Dunn. Check out the features, which also includes BBQ grill, 42" HDTV and those sound systems.


B.A.D Company
• Custom black paint treated with silver metallic flakes
• Silver western-engraved door handle surrounds
• Bronze cast and chrome plated Brooks & Dunn logo steer skull on front grille and tailgate handle
• Brooks & Dunn custom license plate
• 20-inch Mickey Thompson “Classic Lock” polished aluminum wheels
• 35-inch Mickey Thompson “Claw” off-road tires
• Bushwacker bolt-on fender flares
• Three-inch suspension lift
• Toyota accessorized chrome tube steps
• Custom black leather trim seats

• Kicker speakers in the cab including one subwoofer, one two-way speaker with separate tweeter crossover in each door, four more separate tweeters mounted throughout the cab, and three amps with an equalizer
• Sound system in bed features a dual subwoofer system and a separate amp, four two-way speakers with tweeters and separate crossovers, and two two-channel amps with separate equalizers and speaker control units

Go! Products
• Tailgate pull-out Grill N Chill featuring a cooking area with countertops, grill infrared barbeque, beverage tap and ice chest

Mortenson Silver and Saddles
• Silver western-engraved door handle surrounds and pulls
• Bronze cast and chrome plated Brooks & Dunn logo steer skull on front grille and tailgate handle
• Custom saddle horn with engraved silver Brooks & Dunn ornamental cap shift knob
• Hand-tooled silver cupholder faceplate
• Hand-tooled black saddle leather tonneau cover surrounded with custom Brooks & Dunn silver conchos

"BMW's Monster" - Inline 6-Cylinder Motorcycle concept!

I'm not a fan of motorcyles, but when it comes to BMW, it will surely get my attention. Imagine the power of this bike with it's 6-cylinder engine. BMW claims that output of the new six-cylinder will be approximately in the same range as on the firm's 1.3-litre straight-four power units (that's around 175 horsepower), while torque will be at the top of the range already offering 130Nm or 96lb-ft of torque from just 2,000rpm and at the same time rev up to almost 9,000 rpm.

 inline 6-cylinder engine

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

iPHONE Hacked!

I'm not an iPhone user. It may have the style, but I'm more to a Microsoft fan. I'd go with Windows Mobile plus easy to sync with my laptop. Anyway, here's a news snippet that kinda shocked me. iPHONE hacked! Continue reading this article..

Apple iPhone owners in Australia have reported that their smartphones have been infected by a worm that has changed their wallpaper to an image of 1980s pop crooner Rick Astley.

The worm, which could have spread to other countries although we have no confirmed reports outside Australia, is capable of breaking into jailbroken iPhones if their owners have not changed the default password after installing SSH. Once in place, the worm appears to attempt to find other iPhones on the mobile phone network that are similarly vulnerable, and installs itself again

On each installation, the worm - written by a hacker calling themselves "ikex" - changes the lock background wallpaper to an image of Rick Astley with the message:

ikee is never going to give you up

What's clear is that if you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPod Touch, and installed SSH, then you must always change your root user password to something different than the default, "alpine". In fact, it would be a good idea if you didn't use a dictionary word at all.

The worm will not affect users who have not jailbroken their iPhones or who have not installed SSH.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Movie Review : Pisau Cukur

Pisau Cukur - 2009

I give this movie 3.5 stars. I’m not a fan of Malay movies (except those coming from Afdlin Shauki). The reason that attracted me to watch this movie is the presence of many talented actors (although most of them are just cameo appearance)
Basicly it’s a comedy about two friends Intan and Bella (played by Fazura and Maya Karin), who goes on a cruise vacation. Intan is a tv host while Bella failed to win the heart of a rich guy in a reality show.

Maya Karin and Fazura

This movie is filled with talented line-up. Of course the two main actresses Fazura and Maya Karin, both have won awards at FFM. Others includes Liyana Jasmay (recently on Papadom – Best Female Actress FFM09), and Afdlin Shauki (Best Actor, FFM09 – for the movie Papadom), Aaron Aziz, Eizlan Yusof, Umie Aida, Nas-T & a newcomer Shahredza Minhat.

The story is written by 3R host Rafidah Abdullah, who also made cameo appearances in the movie. She also wrote tv series “Gol & Gincu” which is why the movie has that same style & urban feel.

The CGI used in the movie is nice but there’s still room for improvement. I'm not sure if I say this right, but the movie does look "nice" and "advance" compare to most Malay movies (read Yusof Haslam's movies).

Overall, it's an interesting movie, Fazura really did well (I think this is her first time doing a lead role in a comedy), Maya Karin sweet as always!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still Having Fun with Google Search Box

Can't get enough of the Google Search Box! After trying out basic question phrases, I wanted to test the outcome with random words. Check out the results. You might try it out too. The result should be the same.

Random word #1 : Microsoft
Check out those suggestions! "Microsoft is the devil" This could be what the Apple fans telling the world.hehe. But wait a minute, Bill Gates fans also claimed that "Microsoft is better than Apple". Check the first one, "Microsoft is waiting for another application to complete an ole action"?? WTH? Do people search google with those long phrases?

Random word #2 : Google is..
Hahahah this one's funny. "Google is making us stupid". I'd say yes & no to that. It don't make us stupid, maybe lazy is the correct word. What do you guys think? "Google is going to take over the world" could be real. I have to agree that since introduced to Google, I've never used yahoo or any other search engine at all. "Google is skynet"?? Too much of Terminator I guess..haha

Random word #3 : Why am I
"Why am I still single" I don't think you should ask that to Google. No wonder you're still single, cause you're stuck with the computer! Get out & find love! I wonder why people search "why am I here". Could be a movie/song title, but if it's not, do you think that Google knows the answer to that? Funny!

Random word #4 : I..
"I can do bad all by myself" comment on that. Just use your imagination. Haha

Random word #5 : I wish I..
"I wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a baller" ..too much wishes. Pick one dude!

Google do help us a lot in many ways. There's many more funny suggestion if you have time to explore. I might try the same thing with Yahoo or other search engine. Try it out! It's FUN!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Google Suggest : Let's Have Some Fun

Are you feeling bored? Are you stressed with your workload? It's lunchbreak but you're on a diet and have nothing to do?

Why not try a new way to overcome all that with Google! Have fun with the Google search box. Check out all those ridiculous suggestions from Google. This could mean a lot of fun!

Let's do a simple trial with the basic word for making questions, e.g Who, Where, When, What, Why, and How.

1. Who
I just don't understand the last one; "who won megan wants a millionaire"? What's up with that..
Well, this one just not quite make it. Let's try another one..

2. Where
"Where are they now"? Does everyone thinks that google know everything? "Where's Waldo" is quite a common one. "wheres my refund"? Why ask that on Google? Haha

3. How
"how i met your mother". I guess this would come out. Since I'm a fan of this popular TV Series. But I wonder who would google "how to get pregnant". Maybe some 10year old kid trying to get pregnant but too shy to ask her parents?

4. Why
Okay, this one hit the mark. I 'LOL'ed at this one. First phrase that caught my attention was "why is there a dead pakistani on my couch". Like who cares? or why in the world would a dead pakistani be on your couch? "why do dogs eat poop"? I would like to know too haha. "why do i get married"? I guess he/she is unlucky & regretted on marriage and looking for consultation from Google. Why "whyy"?? typo probably.
5. What
First thing you'll notice is "what are these strawberries doing on my nipples I need them for the fruit salad". Wow that is a long one. I'm not sure if this is a song title, or a movie title. But the person who google this must be some freak with strawberries on the nipples..haha

6. When
"When will I die", this guy needs some motivation. "when to take pregnancy test", well I guess this person just had sex, and the next minute googled about this.

7. I want
I'm sure all the suiciders in the world would google the same thing.."I want to die"

Well, there goes our little session with Google Suggest from the google search box. Try it out!

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