Monday, September 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Law of Attraction

Beside showing off the iPhone 4 to friends and foes, I would love to try those apps downloadable from iTunes.  Most of the iPhone apps looks cute, and some of them are quite useful.

250,000+ and counting. That's the amount of Applications we can download into the iPhone 4 from iTunes. Talk about time wasters. Apple have it all, Haha. Be it apps on games, for work, leisure, hobby, for kids, financial management, and many more.

yes, including that!

Some examples of apps from iTunes that I might download once I have an iPhone 4 :

I am a radio addict, and listen to Hot.FM, and Fly.FM most of the time. Good time waster during boring meetings and long distance travelling on the bus/train.

Listen to Hot FM!

This is quite interesting. At least I can find the nearest ATM anytime, anywhere. A time saving apps. Macam superhero! So whenever your friend tries to avoid paying for foods, just guide them to the nearest ATM.

Browse Maybank's ATM and Branch location on the go!

Seriously I could use this KL Train Guide apps. I'm totally a noob when travelling around KL. And with this, I can avoid all the traffic and make use of the PUTRA LRT. At least I can plan my walkabouts.

KL LRT/Putra Guide - this could very be useful for KL noobs

But hey..seriously there's no point talking (writing more) bout all these apps if I don't have an iPhone 4 kan? (HINT)

Well, this IS another entry for Nuffnang contest. K thanks bye!

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