Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

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Yeap, full of "iPhone 4 Gimme Gimmeh I want one of that" entries! Don't blame me..Na'ah ah! Blame Nuffnang for having this contest. Like I said before, Malaysians love free stuffs! (ok fine, must write entries blabla..bla, but still no $$$ were injured during the process) .

So what's next? Already checked the iPhone 4 features here and read about the numerous apps that's available on iTunes there. Now let's go through the data/call plans offered by DiGi. So basicly, the cheapest plan by DiGi is iDiGi 88 which only cost RM58/month (and that's reduced from RM63 after Auto Billing). What to expect from RM58/month?

<-- important details, please take note -->

this is for real ya'll

200mins of voice calls, 200 SMS, 20 MMS, 1GB of Internet quota! And just incase we've exceed the usage, DiGi only charge 15sen/min for voice calls, 10sen/SMS, and 20sen/MMS. And the best part is we don't get charged if exceeded the monthly internet quota! (but speed is only limited to max 128kbps - so carry on with your facebooking & twittering ya'll!)

Since I'm getting the iPhone 4 for free courtesy of Nuffnang & DiGi (HAHAHA - this statement expires once the winner is announced! LOLz), I wouldn't have to pay an upfront payment of RM2,090 (16GB) or RM2,490 (32GB). There's also an option to buy the iPhone 4 with Installment Plan. And all plans are on a 24 month contract tau!  Details can be reffered here ok? Good--

<-- end of important notes, time for some LOLs -->

To simplify things up, I've come up with this simple yet easy to understand (and even babies could understand. LOL'ed) comparison chart between DiGi's iDiGi88 plan vs telco X (rival company). 

(ok seriously, I spent my lunch time to do this! posa beb posa)

Last but not least, I'll leave you guys with this awesome testimony by a friend. This is what he felt after using DiGi iPhone 4 postpaid plans.



p/s : coming up next, the final chapter on the quest for free iPhone 4! will be LEGEN..wait for it..DARY!

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maslinamansor said...

aku terhibur... :)

ajim said...

lol kalu ko x dpt,frust x?saje je komen nk bg down cket.haha.appepon,all ur entries on iPhone are worth to layan..hehe.

FTN said...

hehe selamat terhibur :)

haha takde la nak frust pun. aku join for fun..nak tension2 buat per, satu sen pun aku tak keluar.. :P

joegrimjow said...


nina syakina said...

wahh... kite pon ada join jgk...huhu

ilishaheera said...

Kreatif! Suke3 ..^^

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