Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

warning, nuffnang entry coming up!


So Nuffnang is giving out an iPhone4 to a lucky nuffnang blogger. That means I have plenty of chance to win this smartphone provided that all other few hundred thousand bloggers didn't participated. OK FINE. Just checked the blog post at Nuffnang, and there's already more than 100+ blog entries. Damn it!

Time for my entry. Now let's get straight to the point. I need the DiGi iPhone 4 just like anyone else does. Who doesn't? Malaysian do love free stuffs, especially free iPhones.

dem yuh jepun bergigi kuning with iPhone 4

Why Need an iPhone 4 from DiGi?
It's a smartphone. And it's smart. It's like a smaller iPad, or some might say an iPad that can do phone calls (yeke?). With the DiGi iPhone plan, i can fully utilize all the features in the iPhone. Voice Calls, Video Calls (or the new FaceTime feature), SMS, MMS, Facebook, Twitter etc.

To show off the stylish and trendy smartphone. I know some of you guys are thinking of purposely leaving the phone on the table during meetings, just to show it off. Kan? Haha.

A quick example of an officemate's reaction 

Alright, I admit. There's no other reason besides to show off the iPhone. I think that's one of the reason iPhone exists in this world. Kihkih

Ok sembelih kambing ini untuk dapatkan iPhone 4

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Ili Shaheera said...

iPhone memang shemart.. sha x rasa nak beli sebab pegang iPhone kawan pon da rasa besh xD

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