Sunday, December 6, 2009

Freak Accident at KB Mall

where the car fell from

the damages

the car that plunged through the roof top

NewsFlash from BERNAMA :

KOTA BARU: Two female students from Masterskill College of Nursing and Health here were killed and another seriously injured when a car plunged from the parking area of the KB Mall here at 5.40pm on Sunday, said a police spokesman. - Bernama

Not sure what was the actual cause. But from various sources on the net reports that a few girls was learning to drive on the roof top parking when they lost control of the car before it plunges through the roof top wall down onto the escalator at 2nd floor. Unfortunately two students who were on the escalator died due to serious injuries to the head. Another girl is still getting medical attention. Meanwhile, the car driver and passengers were reported missing.

  1. what on earth are the girls thinking? learning to drive on the roof top of shopping mall?
  2. I wonder how thin is the wall on the roof top. Or maybe the car is too fast for the wall to stop it?

SOURCE : Blog NTvirus via Facebook

7 feedbacks:

kenwooi said...

wow.. dangerous.. =P

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...



Jimmy T said...

OMG OMG fall on people head surely Died!

From The News said...

kenwooi >
of course. by the look of it :)

Adrian Foo >
I would if it's mine. But I got those photos through the source :)

Jimmy T >
Yeap, 2 dead already. 1 still injured :(

Zoey said...

I felt eerie while reading this news... ee... And I have Final Destinations flashblacks in my head. =.=

armouris said...

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From The News said...

Zoey >
Yeah, it does have that kind of horror from the movie. Pity those two students..

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