Saturday, December 19, 2009

(REVIEW) Avatar The Movie 2009

I watched Avatar this morning. Lucky enough to get the tickets early because it went sold out very fast! So about this movie Avatar (don't get mistaken with Avatar the Air Bender! - it's a totally different story), it's directed by James Cameron. It took James Cameron 15 years before he brings out this epic story which costs over USD$300 million!!

I didn't know that Avatar is one of the most anticipated movie. Seriously. I have no idea that this is one of James Cameron's. Not until yesterday that I went browsing the net, and watched the trailer in HD. My god, I knew I have to watch this movie. I bought the earliest show today (10.45am to be exact) and enjoyed every second of it! I'm not so sure, but if I'm not mistaken the last movie directed by James Cameron that I watched was Titanic! (yeah2 the one with the famous painting scene haha)

The Story (Warning Spoiler!)
This movie took place in 2154AD when a paralyzed former U.S Marine, Jake Sully is selected to be one of the Avatar program. Jake travels to Pandora which is the home to the Na'vi. Through his Avatar, Jake can walk again. He is sent into the Pandoraas a scout to learn about the Na'vi, but only to find himself falling in love with one of the Na'vi, Neytiri. Jake then got caught between military and the Na'vi, which force him to choose side in the epic battle.

The Graphics
Brilliant movie with colorful scenes, spectacular battle!

Overall :
Great movie, Colorful scenery, Awesome CGI effects, Spectacular Epic battle scene.
Worth the money, worth the 160minutes!
I give this movie...


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erie said...

ye ke best.. huhu... nk tunggu DVD klua lambat lg ke?? huhuhhu

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