Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Flashback by FTN - Let's List Them Up

The year 2009 is coming to it's end. 2010 is just 3 days away. Before we celebrate the coming new year 2010, let's recap with "FTN Most Memorable 2009 Happenings". This listing is by FTN, and will update from time to time since I need some time to recall the news..hehe.

Hey, if you guys have any memorable news of 2009 (the ones I've missed out) please leave a comment. And I'll update the list with a linkback to your blog!

p/s : currently listing is not arranged by date (will do if I have time later..hehe)
1. Barrack Obama sworn in as 44th President of USA - Jan 21st
2. Michael Jackson's death
3. Tiger Wood's scandal - Nov 26th
4. H1N1 outbreak
5. Massive earthquake hit Padang, Indonesia - Sept 30th
6. World's cheapest car, Tata Nano - March 23rd
7. Cristiano Ronaldo - World record transfer £80m pound 11th Jun

World's Most Expensive player
Christiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid

8. Twitter declared the Most Popular english word of 2009
9. Nordin Mat Top shot dead by police in Indonesia - Sep 17th

1. Bumbung Stadium Sultan Mizan Runtuh - Jun 3rd
2. Tengku Fakhry fail saman terhadap Manohara Odelia Pinot
3. Malaysia raih emas Bola Sepak Sukan Sea-25 - Dec 12th
4. Earth Hour- March 28th
5. Kemalangan Bas Sani Ekspress ragut 10nyawa - Dec 26th

Kemalangan Bas Sani Ekspress

6. Jaya Supermarket Seksyen 14, PJ runtuh; 7 terkorban - May 28th
7. PROTON Exora : Malaysia's First MPV Launched! - Aug 15th

Jaya Supermaket runtuh

1. Bung Mokhtar dan Zizie Izette berkahwin! - suggested by Mr. Frazi
2. Akhil Hayy & Waheeda
3. Faizal AF4 kahwin senyap tanpa pengetahuan keluarga? - Dec 11th

Do check this entry back, will be updating from time to time.

2 feedbacks:

Frazi A said...

bout zizie ezzete? i think dats quite hot news!

From The News said... can I forget that one..
maybe should make another sub-category..Hottest Gossip of 2009!
thanks..i'll link u later

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