Monday, December 14, 2009

Miss Indonesia 2009, Karenina Sunny Halim a member of notorious cult?

Who is Kerenina Sunny Halim?

Kerenina Sunny Halim is Miss Indonesia 2009, where she represented Jakarta. She then represented Indonesia in Miss World 2009 in South Africa. Nina, as she is normally called, claims to have 6 "diplomas" which were acquired through an online home-schooling program that allows students to score themselves. Nina is first US-Indonesian to represent Indonesia in an international beauty contest. Her mother is from the United States and her father is Indonesian.

The fact that she is / was unable to speak the native language of Indonesian (and that the finalists' question had to be translated into English) caused no small stir amongst the ever-excitable media of the world's 4th-most populous nation.

She was born-and-raised in The Family International and is still an active member. She grew up in various countries throughout Asia. She has five siblings and one of them, her older brother, Steve Emmanuel (a well-known sinetron / TV soap opera actor in Indonesia), changed his name to Yusuf Iman after converting to Islam.

Thanks to for the introduction. Well, her name is getting much attention lately. Notice that it was stated above that she was born and raised in The Family International. What is the Famiy International actually means? This is actually the reason why Kerenina is getting the headlines.

The Family International is actually a notorious cult formally known as the Children of God. Started in 1968 in the U.S. This cult is known for it's hippie lifestyle and sexual abuse of children.

The beauty queen admits her link with the cult organization. How will this scandal affect the Miss World competition? I'm sure the image of this Indonesian beauty queen will be tarnished by these claims.


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