Friday, December 11, 2009

Gulatis Under Fire : first RM20k, now RM2 Million!

Just two days after The High Court ordered Textile company Gulatis to pay RM20,000 in damages to actress Eja, now Gulatis is in the news again when another suit was filled by 24-year-old model Zahnita. I hope that other actresses/models in Malaysia don't go scouting all around the city looking for billboards using their photos illegally. Or else, expect more similar news in the future! Hehe
Read the details quoted below from bernama news agency.

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 11 (Bernama) -- Textile company Gulatis Exclusive Sdn Bhd was Friday slapped with another suit, this time for RM2 million by model Zahnita, also over the company's advertisement.

Zahnita, whose real name is Zahnita Dorothy Hussein Wilson, filed the suit through the legal firm of Messrs Ahmad Zaidi & Partners at the Kuala Lumpur High Court registry

She is suing Gulatis for allegedly using her pictures on its posters and advertisements without her permission, which action resulted in her suffering huge losses when other textile companies cancelled their projects with her.

Besides seeking RM2 million in general damages, exemplary damages, interest, cost and other relief deem fit by the court, she also wants Gulatis to stop using her pictures in any of its advertisements and to make a public apology in the local newspapers.

In her statement of claim, Zahnita stated that she had given permission to Kumpulan Karangkraf Sdn Bhd (KKSB) to use her pictures in three magazines - Pesona Pengantin, Nona and Keluarga - from January last year.

She claimed that on July 23 last year, Gulatis had requested her permission to use her pictures from KKSB collection, but she refused.

However, she claimed that on July 30 last year, she found that Gulatis had used her pictures on its posters, banners and advertisements without her permission.

Zahnita claimed that prior to that, she had agreed to carry out a project, worth RM2 million, with Syarikat Jakel Trading, also a textile company, but the company decided not to proceed with the project after getting the impression that she represented Gulatis.

Zahnita claimed that as a result of that her image and reputation were tarnished.

She said she had sent a letter of demand to Gulatis last Aug 19 for the company to pay her RM2 million in losses and for lost income, but it had not done so.

Two days ago, the company was ordered by the High Court here to pay RM20,000 in damages to actress Eja for breach of an oral agreement on the use of her image in its posters and advertisements.

SOURCE : Bernama

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