Monday, May 16, 2011

Dapat Email daripada Saif Al Islam Ghadaffi, anak president Libya

Aku tak tipu weh, terkejut siot. Anak Muammar Ghadaffi mintak tolong dengan aku weh. Ini semua NATO la nih, pegi bom-bom semua kat Libya, kat mana dia nak simpan duit juta-juta dia. Sampai nak offer kat aku. Kesian dia. Sapa-sapa nak tolong, try la reply emel dia..wakakakkaka

My names are Saif Al Islam Ghadaffi, the son of the present president of Libya.

I am contacting for an urgent assistance. As you can read and see in the media, my family is presently undergoing tough time in the hand of the masses due to his long stay in power as the president of Libya for over 40 years now. Although there is no way you can satisfy human being, my father has done so many things to better the life of our people and unfortunately they never appreciated his effort.
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The International community has reached a resolution for immediate seizure of our assets both in US and the UK.
I want to request your humble assistance to receive a total sum of $45.5 million US dollars which we have succeeded in moving the cash to an undisclosed Area.
You will receive this fund directly and keep in a safe keep while I shall come down to meet you for necessary investment as may be suggested by you. You should kindly let me know your percentage as we will be ready to share whatever percentage for your assistance.

Please reach me on my private email address:

Saif Al Islam Ghadaffi

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