Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Previously on Heroes FTN..

The iPhone 4 entry returns. Don't worry uolss, this will be the last entry. And it will be LEGENDARY! (but since I'm on the verge of winning it, there could be a few more entries just to show off the new iPhone 4 to uolss lah). Thank you Nuffnang for organizing this, and way to go DiGi!(sorry no love-love here tau).

This time around, I have to write something with an entry entitled "DiGi iPhone 4 Life". Basicly no specific requirement, but I have to "show how desperate I am" for the iPhone by putting up a picture with an iPhone 4 template given. Haha Yeah right. Err, why am I writing this again?? Ah the free sebijik iPhone 4 by Nuffnang and DiGi eh. (btw, I'm not desperate ok. True Story)

Luckily this desperate guy is not me. Pffftt! 

Kawan-kawan, this is the last resort. The final frontier. All the  "iPhone 4, I want that phone for free please" bloggers, have to appeal to the judges. I'm sure all those digital artists, video flash expert will come out with a masterpiece and go all out for the win. Eh apa pulak, I'm winning kan? LOLz

So to finish up this final chapter, 

"Siapa tak nak free iPhone 4 kan? kan?" - Yeap innocent dan jujur


Just in case that is not enough to appeal, I'm sure showing off some sexyness could blind the judges..kan? kan? So I seek help from the hottest girl in Bidor (2009-2010), Katijah Peri-Peri.

Ok teruja tak? Kalau tak.. kamu gay!

Eh wait semenet. If Katijah Peri-Peri can't influence you, maybe this guy can..

ok you're gonna say "awww thats sho shweet" kan? kan?

+ + + + + + +

Thank you for reading all 4 posts on DiGi iPhone 4. All entries are in conjunction with the contest organized by Nuffnang and DiGi. No hard feelings ya. And to some who might ask, "No, I will not cry if I didn't win the iPhone"..hehehe

p/s : even pakcik kat header pun nak show off iPhone 4 dia! Huh

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