Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh Inspector, I'm very sure he doesn't have any ears!

He doesn't have any ears, his chin's lop-sided, and his haircut bears a passing resemblance to the roof of a thatched cottage. But to police in Bolivia, he's public enemy number one.

The picture, widely described as the world's worst photo-fit, was drawn by a woman who witnessed the violent murder of Rafael Vargas, a taxi driver from the city of Santa Cruz who was stabbed to death before being set on fire in the street last March. After Bolivian TV showed the image, accompanied by dramatic music, the case became a cause célèbre.

Clips of news reports describing crime were uploaded to YouTube, and went viral, sparking comparisons between the suspect and, among other things, a character from the TV series Fraggle Rock.

Police had the last laugh, though. Thanks to enormous public interest in the case, they have arrested two men. Under local laws, the suspects cannot be identified, so TV stations replaced their heads with cartoons of the now-famous photo-fit.

Want to see the how the photo-fit looks like?

HAHAHAHAHAHA! What's with the hair?? Rebonding technique? LOLz. I'm sure the Bolivian Police would have a hard time identifying the suspect! Damn..that is one fine art. Not sure how photo-fit is drawn at the first place..I thought that usually the police will draw according to witness description..or is it the other way around?

Hope the criminal will get caught soon!


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