Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still Having Fun with Google Search Box

Can't get enough of the Google Search Box! After trying out basic question phrases, I wanted to test the outcome with random words. Check out the results. You might try it out too. The result should be the same.

Random word #1 : Microsoft
Check out those suggestions! "Microsoft is the devil" This could be what the Apple fans telling the world.hehe. But wait a minute, Bill Gates fans also claimed that "Microsoft is better than Apple". Check the first one, "Microsoft is waiting for another application to complete an ole action"?? WTH? Do people search google with those long phrases?

Random word #2 : Google is..
Hahahah this one's funny. "Google is making us stupid". I'd say yes & no to that. It don't make us stupid, maybe lazy is the correct word. What do you guys think? "Google is going to take over the world" could be real. I have to agree that since introduced to Google, I've never used yahoo or any other search engine at all. "Google is skynet"?? Too much of Terminator I guess..haha

Random word #3 : Why am I
"Why am I still single" I don't think you should ask that to Google. No wonder you're still single, cause you're stuck with the computer! Get out & find love! I wonder why people search "why am I here". Could be a movie/song title, but if it's not, do you think that Google knows the answer to that? Funny!

Random word #4 : I..
"I can do bad all by myself" comment on that. Just use your imagination. Haha

Random word #5 : I wish I..
"I wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a baller" ..too much wishes. Pick one dude!

Google do help us a lot in many ways. There's many more funny suggestion if you have time to explore. I might try the same thing with Yahoo or other search engine. Try it out! It's FUN!

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