Monday, November 30, 2009

Latest Offering from Perodua : ALZA

I visited the nearby Perodua showroom to see the latest addition in their product line-up; the Perodua Alza. Basicly everyone (who surfs the net) knows that Perodua will carry over the model from their major share holder company, Toyota/Daihatsu which is the Toyota Passo Sette. Suprisingly Perodua also wants to have a go at MPV segment right after Proton announced that they are developing their own MPV back in 2007 (if I'm not misaken).

Perodua Alza Front & Rear

Anyway, it was no suprise that the showroom was packed with people interested to see what Perodua will offer in the new model. No suprise on the exterior. Difference between the Toyota Passo Sette and Perodua Alza are the Front and Rear Bumpers, Radiator Grill and the Projector Headlamps. Some says that this Alza look is better that the Passo Sette, but I personally don't agree with that. The Alza's design is so similar to the Myvi (frontal) and Viva (rear). It feels boring to look at the car many times.

compare with Myvi and Viva
I can see a Myvi front with Viva rear in the new Alza

Interior wise, also not much different from Passo Sette. Meter cluster is located at center (which I can't help but feeling awkward - reason for not buying Vios), the gear lever (AT version) is up on the dashboard, while there is a foot brake (AT version) which provide better leg room for the front seats. By the way, the driver seat is extended to the passenger seat, making it a bench like seating. However it's still a two seater while the center portion can be folded as an arm rest. There's audio control on the steering too. Similar to the Proton Exora, bluetooth audio function is available for the premium version.

2nd row seats legroom is OK (similar to Myvi's) but 3rd row seats is a NO for me unless the 2nd row is pushed further front. The entry to 3rd row is quite cramped, not suitable for adults (over 170cm). Luggage space is too damn small. I wonder how Perodua can claim that this is the car for "Balik Kampung", there's no space for luggage! The area depth is just about the same of an A4 paper width, which is just about 30cm.

Colorwise, there's a new color besides 5 other carry over colors from Myvi. The new color is called Classy Purple which we used to see on the Proton Persona. (same as Blueberry Tea). In my opinion, this car looks good in bright colors; which to me the best color is Pearl White. It will give the car bigger look, plus the fact that white color is the trend nowadays.

All in all, my summary of the Perodua Alza:

What I like:
1. A new car, fresh model
2. Compact, easy for city driving
3. Nice headlamp
4. Proven engine from Toyota/Daihatsu
5. Front seat legroom
6. Head unit/Radio design
7. Build quality - inherited from Toyota/Daihatsu DNA

What I don't like:
1. Center position meter cluster
2. No luggage space!
3. No 3rd row aircond
4. Difficult entry to 3rd row

Personally, I'm not into this kind of segment yet, so I have no plans on buying any MPV in the near future. This is just my personal view of the car (as an automotive fan). No hard feelings ya!

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